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Who Should Apply?

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and majors who are interested in working with business and technology. In addition to challenging work experience, OTCR provides unparalleled student mentorship both in and out of projects. All interested students should apply!

Recruitment Timeline

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Information Sessions

The two sessions will cover the types of projects, clients, and events with which OTCR is involved. Afterwards, interested students will have a chance to talk to current OTCR members. Both info nights are the same. Attendance is optional but highly recommended.

Thursday 8/277PM - 8PM 



Tuesday 9/17PM - 8PM


Note: Only the first 100 people will be able to join the Zoom meetings. If you are unable to join -- or are unable to attend either info night -- please fill out the form below, and we will send you a recording.

Friday, 8/28, 7PM - 10PM

Monday, 8/31, 7PM - 10PM

Tuesday, 9/2, 7PM - 10PM

Please sign up for networking calls here.

Networking Calls

The networking calls ​will provide interested students an opportunity to speak with and ask questions of current members. Calls will run for thirty minutes and involve 1-3 current members.

Case Training

A senior OTCR member will work through a case. This event is open to the public -- attending does not obligate you to apply. However, for those applying to OTCR, this is a great way to master your case training skills before the application deadline. Dress code is business casual.

Thursday, 9/3, 7PM - 8PM


Note: Only the first 100 people will be able to enter the Zoom. If you are unable to join -- or unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts -- fill out the form below and we will send you a recording.

Friday 9/4 by 11:59 PM

Application Deadline

The application consists of standard academic information plus a challenge question that is designed to test your ability to develop a framework to tackle typical business problems.


First Round Interview

There are two portions, behavioral and analytical. Within the behavioral section, we are looking to identify individuals with high internal motivation, strong leadership skills, and diverse personalities. During the analytical section, we are looking for logical problem solving and critical thinking abilities.  

Week of 9/7

Week of 9/14

Second Round Interview

This round is more heavily focused on the traditional case interview, which will be interviewee led. We look for the ability to break down a problem into manageable and understandable pieces, draw concise conclusions from available data, and engage in a focused conversation with the interviewer.

Third Round Interview

Our third round interview is a group interview. Within the field of consulting, you will be put into situations with plenty of unknowns and unique challenges. This group interview is a way to test your communication and teamwork skills in response to these problems.

Tuesday 9/22, 6 - 7:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a technology or business background do I need to join? 

None! OTCR promotes collaborative learning through our trainings and project work. All members gain useful business and technical insights throughout their experience in the firm.

What does a semester in OTCR look like? 

In addition to project work, our consultants have the chance to attend client visits, enjoy frequent social events, help shape the firm’s future through internal initiatives, and much more!

What if I don’t know if I want to go into consulting?

That’s okay! Even if you haven’t decided on your career path yet, OTCR will help you develop skills necessary across all professions. Our members gain real-world experience in a variety of industries and roles that they carry with them into countless fields, from banking to software to consulting.

Practice Cases

"May Pharmaceuticals is a global, research-based biopharmaceuticals company. May is a leader in the Cardiovascular Drug Market due to its..."

"Solomon Energy is a multi-billion dollar utility provider in the greater Colorado area with $500M in annual revenue. It owns its own HQ building in Denver Colorado..."

"Store-It Co., is a small start-up specializing in storing college student’s possessions over the summer. They pick up possessions at the residence at the inception of the summer..."

Clients: If you want more specifics about the work that we do, access to our resume book, or have questions, contact Michael Kokkines.

Students: If you have questions about our application process, the work we do, or what you will gain, contact Kevin Regan.

Alumni and Recruiters: If you would like to receive the OTCR resume book, please fill out this form.